Pregnancy Premium Package (4,8, or 10 weeks)
-Nutrition plan based on trimester and medical requirements
-Exercise plan including modifications based on trimester. -Swiss ball exercises and foam rolling advice.
-Self management holistic pain strategies (e.g. back pain) -Meditation strategies and breathing techniques.
-Weekly check-ins* or if medical requirements change.

Postpartum Premium Package (4, 8, 10 week programmes)

-Week 0-6 nutrition, supplementation advice and gentle movement.
-3 additional nutritional plans to reduce body fat postpartum
-4 Phased exercise plans based on stage of postpartum recovery.
-Diastasis recti recovery and core exercise plan included -Return to running/HIIT/Crossfit programme (if desired)
-Pain self-management advice including breastfeeding and chronic pain
-Cesarean section recovery plan including wound care and dressing (if required)
-1:1 weekly check in

Kickstart programme (4 weeks) 80 euro
”This is for those that want a routine but are unsure of how long they want to commit to a a plan. this allows you flexibility to leave after 4 weeks or continue on for 4 weeks again. **this programme contains all elements of premium packages you may need over a 4 week period including weekly check ins.

Turnaround team (*10 weeks) 170 euro
The 10 week turnaround is an active return to exercise and a body recomposition programme. this programme is for those ready to make a change and tired of repeatedly gaining and losing weight-this is the programme that shows you how to maintain and gives you the skills to do so!
Includes: all elements of premium packages you need PLUS weekly check-ins and 24/7 text support from me!

Payment plans are available upon request. there is no one size fits all when it comes to YOUR health. If you are unsure of what you need, schedule a FREE consultation call with me TODAY and go over the various options available for you. FOR postpartum clients I would suggest at least 10 weeks for recovery purposes!