A realistic female-only coach here to help you, non-pregnant to postpartum. whatever your time schedule or goals!

6 months postpartum

My name is Julianne, I became a mum in 2021 to Jackson Thomas via emergency c-section with multiple complications postpartum. I felt very alone in my journey with nutrition and exercise from non-pregnant to postpartum, and I wanted to change this for women!

As a result, I became a certified pre and postnatal coach in 2022. I am also a general nurse with postgraduate diploma in pain management. I specialize in providing advice, guidance and support to ALL women and CHANGE their journey to a positive and healthy one.

Programmes for women based on what YOU need including gym or home workouts, cardio based programmes, pregnancy and postnatal nutrition plans, diastasis recti plans, cesaerean section recovery, pain management advice and weight loss/weight gain plans, depending on your lifestyle and goals.


With my programmes you receive weekly 1:1 check ins, tailored nutrition, stress management advice and pain management.

WHY CHOOSE ME? my programmes are SO much MORE than diet and exercise plans, including a holistic, LIFESTYLE approach to what YOU can manage in your own life.

Dont take my word for it-check out my client testimonials each week on instagram stories!

”Abs are made in the kitchen”

My mission is to support and guide women to see true RESULTS and fall in LOVE with exercise and healthy eating.

Here’s what you can expect from me as a coach:

  • 1:1 weekly check in with me
  • Knowledge of your medical needs and requirements.
  • weekly motivational emails and whatsapp group (optional).
  • Nutrition and exercise guidance TAILORED for you.
  • Video tutorials for workouts and advice on strength training and techniques for beginners.
  • Modifications to workouts based on trimester of pregnancy.
  • postpartum recovery plans with phased return to exercise and weight loss.
  • NON-pregnant females are catered for, so you never need to SWITCH to a different coach.

Get in touch if you want to make a positive change and improve your knowledge.

Find me on instagram @barbells_and_babiez